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Disclaimer: This was a media event. I didn’t pay for this stuff. You can still trust me though.

Kevin passed me an invite to visit the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver’s retro-new Roof Restaurant to preview what’s in store when they open on Valentine’s Day. Of course, I wouldn’t pass up the chance to head downtown and check out a (sort of) new restaurant! The Roof, as you may have guessed, isn’t quite new, or at least, the concept isn’t new. The Panorama Roof restaurant opened in the late 30s, and it’s to this heritage that the new restaurant tips its metaphorical hat.

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The bartenders at The Roof served up three classic cocktails: the notorious Cosmopolitan, the refreshing Moscow Mule, and an interesting take-off on the Negroni. I didn’t try the Cosmopolitan (not my cup of tea), but I did try the latter two cocktails. The Moscow Mule is perhaps the most famous drink featuring ginger beer as an ingredient (bar maybe the Dark and Stormy). It’s a pretty straightforward tall drink comprising vodka (the Moscow), lime juice, and ginger beer (the “mule”, or kick). This version wasn’t particularly mulish, owing to the use of the rather mild Fentiman’s ginger beer, but it was refreshing nonetheless.

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The real fascination of the night was The Roof’s version of the Negroni. If you’re an avid cocktail drinker, you might notice that the colour of the drink in this class is closer to a Boulevardier than the brilliant carmine red of a Negroni. That’s because Campari shares billing in this drink with Averna and Fernet Branca, two other bitter liqueurs that have been quite popular of late. The addition of these ingredients moved the flavour of the cocktail away from the almost burnt bitter orange of Campari and into a softer, more herbaceous zone. I’m curious as to whether a whisky base would have supported this better. Maybe I’ll try it at home one day.

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The Roof will be open from Valentine’s Day until the fall, while 900 West downstairs is under renovations. Check it out if you’re in the area!

The Roof
15th Floor, 900 W Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC
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