red wagon cafe

The Red Wagon Cafe is a restaurant (diner?) known for its brunch, located near the intersection of Hastings and Nanaimo. Conveniently close to Platform 7, if you’re in the mood for brunch and then a relaxing cup of coffee.

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Apparently this place was featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives? Guy Fieri was here? I feel honoured to eat at the same place as him (but not really). It is definitely a diner though, so it fits the show, unlike some of the more recent episodes, which featured some questionably high-end establishments… but I digress.

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I opted for the chilaquiles (eggs, tortilla chips, salsa, onions, feta) because my sweet tooth wasn’t yet active, though I was urged to try their pulled pork pancakes. Let’s be real here, what dish is not enhanced by the addition of a fried egg? Plain rice, cheeseburgers, nachos, and so on. The chilaquiles is simply this concept distilled into a breakfast dish. I quite liked it. The runny egg yolk was good on crunchy tortilla chips and the creamy, tart feta and red onions helped to balance the flavours. It was a good dish, but I look forward to trying the pulled pork pancakes next time, as I’m sure that’s what Guy had, knowing how DDD works.

Red Wagon Cafe
2296 East Hastings St
Vancouver, BC
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