platform 7 brew bar

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I’m always excited when I find a new cafe that serves pour-over coffee, so it was a pleasant surprise when I stumbled upon Platform 7 near Hastings and Nanaimo. I guess that area’s called the East Village now, because Hastings Sunrise was not good enough? I later found out that Platform 7 had only been open for a couple of months, so I managed to catch them in their early stages of growth. I’m interested to see where this cafe will develop in the future.

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The interior of the cafe is set up to resemble a Victorian London train station, which struck me as quite a unique design decision in a time where many new restaurants and cafes are going for a super-clean, minimalist look (ie Matchstick Coffee, 33 Acres). I like it, though. It stands out and adds personality to the space. Like Revolver, Platform 7 serves imported coffee, but unlike Revolver, which brings in its beans from a wide selection of Canadian and American roasters, the majority of Platform 7’s beans are from Portland’s Stumptown Coffee Roasters. The brew methods on offer include the usuals, from Hario V60 to Chemex to siphon, but I noticed that they’re using paper filters for the Chemex method rather than the metal Kone filters in use at Revolver and Matchstick. They also offer the brew methods “martini style” and “shakerato”, which I have never heard of before and plan to try next time. Also on the menu are the standard espresso drinks and chai lattes, in case brewed coffee isn’t your drink of choice.

I like coffee in all its forms, and will definitely visit Platform 7 again if I’m in the area. I’m looking forward to the cafe’s growth, perhaps adding other roasters to its menu.

Platform 7 Brew Bar
2331 East Hastings St
Vancouver, BC
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