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Where else would a light fixture like this one be found, but at the farm-to-table restaurant that’s all the buzz lately, namely Fable Kitchen! For those who don’t know, farm-to-table is a trend (or maybe more long-term than a trend — maybe an evolution) in dining that is exactly what it sounds like: the ingredients go from the farm to the table. That means local and seasonal produce and meats. It means a rapidly changing menu, because the ingredients available change as the seasons do; as well as a relatively small menu, to ensure that fresh ingredients are used up promptly. As such, your experience at Fable may involve dishes that are different from what I had! That said, there are some signature items that seem to stay on the menu here.

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I think this Canned Tuna (if I recall correctly, cooked sous vide, in olive oil with fingerling potatoes, tomato, and Maldon sea salt, with toast) is one of those menu items. Put aside all thoughts of eating flaked tuna from a can! This is closer in spirit to toro (tuna belly) sashimi or tuna tartare than the tin cans stacked on supermarket shelves. The texture is buttery smooth, and the olive oil and salt enhance the normally delicate tuna flavour into something richer and umami-er (you stir the salt into the jar to combine the oil, salt, and tuna).

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Fast-rotating ingredients mean one night special dishes, such as this roast pork loin with polenta, squash and applesauce. The best part of this was the squash, which played the role of mashed potatoes very well, even better than the actual pseudo-mashed potatotes, the polenta. The applesauce added a sweetness that was good, but I prefer a richer, heartier sauce with pork. Fable’s drink list isn’t on their website, but they do have a cocktail list, as well as a selection of beers, including local ones (I chose Driftwood’s Farmhand Saison, which seemed fitting given the theme of the restaurant).

I quite enjoyed my dinner at Fable, and since the menu changes often, repeat visits should remain exciting. I also hear they do a killer brunch (one of the best in town, apparently!) so maybe I’ll check that out, if I can drag myself back out to nightmarish West 4th, that is.

Fable Kitchen
1944 West 4th Ave
Vancouver, BC
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