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Lately, I’ve been doing a little bit of a “hipster coffee” tour of Vancouver. The first such cafe I visited, by far, was Revolver, but  as I learned more about the mysterious liquid that is coffee, I became curious about other coffee-centric cafes in the Lower Mainland. So, I made my second destination Matchstick Coffee in that triangular section of road near Fraser and Kingsway. It’s right next next door to Les Faux Bourgeois, so it’d be a perfect little spot to go to do some work or studying at Matchstick, then pop over to Les Faux for a French bistro dinner (it works — I’ve done it).

Matchstick offers pour-over coffee just like Revolver, alongside the usual espresso-based drinks (shots, lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, and iced variations), and like Revolver, the focus is on their pour-over. However, unlike Revolver, which sources its coffee from artisanal coffee roasters in Portland, Seattle, LA, and elsewhere, Matchstick roasts its own beans and sells them retail as well as using them in the cafe. You can also submit your own bag art that could be used by Matchstick. Interestingly, when I bought a bag and asked for them ground for French press, the size of the grounds was much bigger than I’ve gotten asking for the same grind elsewhere. Makes for less junk in my cup, I guess!

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I ordered the El Llano when I visited, though I ended up buying the Carmen to take home. The coffee was served in a porcelain cup, which, as we all know, makes it taste better. To someone coming from Starbucks, the coffee might taste sour, that is, too acidic, but I think that’s just a consequence of the over-roasting of the beans that Starbucks is notorious for. Even I’m still fighting through an adjustment period where the brighter varieties are just not my thing.

So how does Matchstick compare to Revolver? I’d say they’re equally as good in terms of the coffee itself, but of course if you’re looking for import coffee, you should go to Revolver, while if you’re looking for house-roasted, check out Matchstick. In my personal preference, Matchstick wins the competition because of its more generous hours (7am-9pm, 7 days a week, NOT closed on Sundays) as well as its seating situation, which isn’t as claustrophobic and more conducive to studying than the booths at Revolver.

Matchstick Coffee
639 E 15th Ave
Vancouver, BC
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