33 acres

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33 Acres is one of the crop of new breweries establishing themselves across the Lower Mainland. Like Four Winds in Delta, 33 Acres is family owned. The first thing that struck me about 33 Acres’s location, website and related materials, from bottle labels to tap handles, is its very distinct, clean, and attractive design identity. Very classy, very cool, and very modern.

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33 Acres has two beers released year-round, named 33 Acres of Life and 33 Acres of Ocean. Life is a lighter style called a California Common, which I was actually unaware of before 33 Acres introduced me to it. Apparently characterized by fermenting a lager at ale temperatures (warmer than regular), it’s light and clean and not too bitter. I’d say it’s a good brew to introduce macro fans to craft beer. As opposed to smacking them in the face with hops, I think a more friendly approach is warranted.┬áThe other beer, Ocean, is a fairly straightforward pale ale. Unlike Four Winds, 33 Acres hasn’t exploded with a ton of crazy (and crazy-good) varieties of beer, evidently deciding to keep things simple for now. Judging by the crowds in the tasting room when I visited, the approach is serving them well. I look forward to seeing more good things from this brewery in the future.

33 Acres Brewing
15 W 8th Ave
Vancouver, BC


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