cork & fin

Cork & Fin is tucked into a small space looking into Maple Tree Square, near the Gaoler’s Mews. It’d be understandable for someone to walk by on their way to The Diamond while temporarily being distracted by L’Abattoir without even noticing that Cork & Fin is there — it’s sort of understated. It fills its own little niche, though. Where else in Gastown can you get a fresh seafood tower, or enjoy raw oysters?

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Yes, the raw oysters. Cork & Fin has a screen in the restaurant that displays the day’s oyster selection, which I assume changes day-to-day. Clockwise from bottom left, these are the Chef’s Creek, Skookum, and Joyce Point varieties. They were served with Tabasco sauce and mignonette. Call me a heretic, but I actually like Tabasco and/or a little horseradish on my oysters.

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I don’t know what I was thinking here. Why would I go to a seafood restaurant and eat steak? Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for a delicious tower of fresh shellfish? However unlikely that may be, I ended up ordering steak, which came cooked to a juicy medium rare. It was accompanied by fries of a thicker cut than that served at most other restaurants, even ones that don’t serve shoestring fries. They must have been cooked longer, because they weren’t soggy as thicker-cut fries usually are. The fries were accompanied by aioli for dipping.

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I also ordered this cocktail. I don’t quite remember what was in it — this was before I started bringing a notebook to restaurants, but I remember it was refreshing and sweet and well-made. Is there anywhere in Gastown that doesn’t do good cocktails? Also, Gastown was looking good the night I went to Cork & Fin. Have some pictures and maybe visit if you happen to be in the area and have a craving for fresh shellfish.

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Cork & Fin
221 Carrall St
Vancouver, BC
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