hanppy tofu hot pot

Hanppy Tofu Hot Pot (previously known as Han Ju Tofu Hot Pot) is a small restaurant in Richmond (aren’t they all small restaurants in Richmond?) that serves Korean-style tofu hot pots. If nobody told me they were Korean-style, I honestly wouldn’t know, aside from maybe the token inclusion of kimchi in dishes and the use of those Korean crystal noodles. They just seem like hot pots and they use all the typical hot pot ingredients.

Not being a huge fan of hot pots, I usually get their rice dish: The #3. Yep. A delicious dish of rice with tofu-that-looks-spicy-but-really-isn’t, beef, vegetables, and an egg. Seriously, more places ought to offer fried eggs with their food — it just makes any food better! Fatburger is on the right track, allowing fried eggs to be added to their burgers. The amount of food isn’t as much as you’d expect given the deepness of the bowl: the “bottom” is actually about an inch above where the bowl rests on the tray. I feel like it’s a good amount for a light-medium meal, but if you’re hungry and even a moderate eater, you won’t be stuffed. Still, though, it’s a great place to go on a cold night for some hot comfort food, although now that Deer Garden opened a location next to Pearl Castle, marginally closer than Hanppy, I’m less inclined to drive the one extra minute to come here over sweet sweet fish noodle soup.

Hanppy Tofu Hot Pot
8328 Capstan Way
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