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When in New York last summer, my dad being the brunch connoisseur that he is (maybe a love of food is in the genes) brought us to the upscale Water Club for Sunday brunch. Maybe it’s just because I’m not from New York, but it seemed to me that it was located in a very remote area. In fact, the actual address isn’t even listed on their website; instead it reads “The East River Between 28th & 32nd Street”, as if the restaurant were actually in the river. Preposterous!

When I first stepped in I was struck by the decor: living up to the “club” in its name, the bar and lounge area sported a fireplace and wood panelling everywhere, as if it were really the rec room at some old-money WASP-y mansion. Apparently, I was so struck that I forgot to take photos. Imagine my surprise when we were led through a short walkway tunnel like the ones you use to get onto planes from the airport. On the other side was the waterfront dining room, which was actually floating on the East River! I guess their address makes sense after all.

When I eat brunch, I usually stay away from the super heavy food, like sausages and the ubiquitous roast. I like eating cold seafood and fruit at brunches, which is great because Sunday brunch buffets are one of the few places that you can get unlimited amounts of seafood. This buffet in particular had unlimited raw oysters. I am an oyster fiend, so much joy was to be had!

Of course, brunch buffets always have nice desserts, just like these. I was too full to finish more than this though, so no seconds here.

The Water Club
East River between 28th and 32nd Street
New York, NY
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  1. happiness depends on action wrote:

    omg i havent been to brunch in ages and the seafood looks derishous!!

    perhaps we should go for…:P