cabezon + a new look

Cabezon is a restaurant in Portland, Oregon, specializing in seafood. They run a fish market in the restaurant in the afternoons, so it’s a pretty safe bet they know their stuff. I visited Cabezon a while back, in November on a family trip to Portland. Interestingly, the name Cabezon has several meanings: it’s a species of fish, and it also means “stubborn” in Spanish. They have the Cabezon fish as their logo.

I honestly don’t remember all that much about the food, as it was a while ago, but I remember it was very good; I hope my pictures can convince you the same.

I do remember the drink I ordered, however. I ordered a Vesper, as usual, but the bar didn’t stock the Lillet required to make one. This isn’t uncommon actually, so usually I end up just not drinking anything, or ordering something else. This time, though, the bartender came personally over to this table and suggested that I let her try substituting St. Germain, an elderflower liqueur, for the Lillet. I agreed, and the cocktail was good. Although I’m not enough of a liquor connoisseur to be able to tell the difference, I appreciate the service and the creativity in this case; it’s something that’s never happened before.

I took all of the photos in this post in RAW format. It was my first time working in this format, and I love it. Lightroom just gives me so much more flexibility in editing. I can actually fix my garbage photos into something resembling proper exposure and white balance. Expect more of that from me in the future!

5200 NE Sacramento St.
Portland, OR 97213
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Now, onto the second part of the post. I gave Gourmetcetera a bit of a facelift, because that huge banner was annoying me, and I like white space. I also streamlined the left sidebar, adding a new smaller banner, as well as updating my blogroll. Since Gourmetcetera is more than just a food blog, I wanted my links to reflect that. Hence, I’ve put a curated selection of my favourite blogs up for your perusal, as well as labelling them appropriately according to their content. If you want food, you can hit the food blogs. I suggest you check them all out though, as they all inspire me on a daily basis.


  1. eeScorpius wrote:

    Way to write about a restaurant that I am unlikely to have a chance to try Adam! Joking LMAO Please be more punctual =P

  2. happiness depends on action wrote:

    well if i'm ever in oregon i'll know where to go..
    in the mean time! vancouver talk please :)

    also, i love white space too